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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom tooth extraction from the dentist you trust in Ft. Worth

Dentist Checking Patient Teeth It is a common misperception that wisdom tooth extraction may only be performed by an oral surgeon. This is not the case in Ft. Worth. In all but the most complex cases, Dr. Vidya Suri handles wisdom tooth removal at her Sycamore Dental office on West Everman Parkway. You get skilled treatment in the gentle hands of the family dentist you know and trust.

When wisdom teeth should come out

Some people have plenty of room in the mouth, and wisdom teeth come in straight and strong, usually by the age of 25. For other individuals, wisdom teeth cause problems such as:

  • Impaction – Wisdom teeth that do not erupt through bone or gum tissues. Impaction can trigger infection, or formation of a cyst or tumor. That may damage the roots or bone support of adjacent teeth.
  • Partial impaction – When a wisdom tooth only partially emerges through the gums. This hard to clean location creates an ideal environment for bacterial infection and gum disease to flourish.
  • Crowding – Because wisdom teeth are the last to come in, the mouth may already be full. This may damage otherwise healthy teeth or cause them to shift out of proper position. It also contributes to tooth decay.
  • Uncomfortable symptoms – Some people experience mouth pain or headaches as wisdom teeth try to emerge.

The soothing option of sedation

Wisdom tooth extraction at Sycamore Dental in Ft. Worth is nothing to fear. The procedure is well-planned and predictable. We provide detailed aftercare instructions, and are just a phone call away. Most patients return to normal eating and activities within a few days.

If you are still nervous about extractions, talk with Dr. Suri about sedation. Nitrous oxide sedation help patients relax, for uneventful simple or surgical extractions.

Call Sycamore Dental at (817) 438-1828 to schedule an appointment.

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