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Inhalation Sedation at Dental Clinic
Sedation Dentistry

What you need to know about sedation dentistry in Ft. Worth

Smiling Girl on a Dental Chair Countless Americans miss out on health and appearance benefits of dental care – not because of busy schedules or lack of insurance. Fear of going to the dentist keeps them from picking up the phone to schedule a routine checkup, seeking treatment for a dental problem, or taking advantage of cosmetic enhancements. Sedation dentistry at Sycamore Dental in Ft. Worth allows patients to overcome their fear for comfortable, gorgeous smiles.

Not just for the fearful

Sedation is helpful in these situations, too:

  • Extensive treatment – Some patients can’t take time off work for multiple appointments. With sedation, they can de-stress physically and emotionally for a longer single appointment.
  • Sensitive gag reflex – Sedation subdues resistance to hands or instruments in the mouth.
  • Physical and mental challenges – Autism, Down syndrome, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and physical disabilities are a fact of life for many. These individuals may not be able to sit for the duration of an appointment, or may find the clinical environment unsettling. Sedation aids in non-traumatic treatment.

Calming options

Dr. Vidya Suri and our associates at Sycamore Dental offers nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is inhaled through a face mask. It immediately induces relaxation and a bit of euphoria. The effect wears off as soon as the flow of gas is stopped, and there is no residual grogginess. Nitrous oxide is safe for children, and ideal for patients who are nervous about numbing injections.

What you should know about Nitrous Oxide sedation:

  • It’s colorless and odorless – within a few minutes of breathing it you will feel relaxed
  • It’s common to feel light-headed, a tingling sensation, or heavy limbs
  • You will still be conscious and able to hear and respond to directions
  • You will receive oxygen for several minutes after turning off the nitrous oxide to help you become more alert and awake

If you have any concerns about nitrous oxide sedation, feel free to ask a member of our team. One of the best ways to avoid having nitrous oxide is to practice good oral hygiene and maintain regular check-ups and cleanings to keep your mouth healthy.

To learn more about sedation dentistry, schedule a consultation at Sycamore Dental in Ft. Worth. The number is (817) 438-1828.