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Veneers transform Ft. Worth smiles

Smiling Woman We love the perfection of Hollywood smiles – straight, evenly-spaced teeth, all brilliantly white. Patients in the Ft. Worth area get star treatment with veneers at Sycamore Dental.

What is a dental veneer?

By definition, the word “veneer” means a thin decorative covering. Dental veneers are just that – layers of strong, tooth-colored material about as thick as a contact lens. They are bonded to the front surfaces of “smile teeth” to disguise imperfections for attractive balance and symmetry.

Dr. Vidya Suri offers both resin veneers and porcelain. Resin is economical and conservative. However, the material is a bit more opaque than tooth enamel. Porcelain veneers are the premier cosmetic dentistry approach. They have the luster and translucency of natural tooth enamel, and resist staining from foods and beverages.

When are veneers appropriate?

  • Deep discoloration that does not respond to whitening.
  • Chips, cracks, or other flaws in enamel.
  • Teeth that look too short, or are worn down.
  • Gaps and minor misalignment.

Check out some of our patient's amazing Photos!

Before Dental Veneer
Before Treatment
After Dental Veneer
After Treatment

The process

Dr. Suri listens to your concerns and helps to determine if veneers are your best solution. If so, teeth are prepped – a tiny amount of surface enamel is removed. This allows veneers to seat snugly at the gum line, and look natural. If your teeth are very sensitive, the dentist may recommend local numbing. Impressions of your mouth are taken, as a model for veneers.

Resin veneers are created “chairside” by Dr. Suri. Porcelain veneers are fabricated at an off-site dental lab, usually in about two weeks.

When it is time to place the veneers, an etching solution is applied to teeth to ensure a strong bond. Minute adjustments may be made before veneers are cemented in place and polished to a beautiful gleam.

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