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Chipped Teeth

Ft. Worth area residents don’t have to live with chipped teeth!

Smile Teeth Tooth enamel is incredibly strong, but it is brittle. Teeth can be chipped from bruxism (excessive grinding or clenching), an accident, or just biting into something hard. A single chipped tooth can spoil the look of your smile, irritate soft tissues, and cause sensitivity. Dr. Vidya Suri and her team at Sycamore Dental in Ft. Worth offer a range of options to correct chipped teeth.

Small chips

Composite resin bonding material is ideal for small chips. The pliable compound is molded over a prepared tooth, and trimmed to shape. Light activation bonds it firmly in place. The material is color-matched to natural dentition to blend beautifully. Bonding includes finely ground glass for natural luster, and it is durable enough even for molars.

Chips on “smile teeth”

Resin or luminous porcelain veneers are the premier treatment for chips on anterior teeth that show when you smile. A veneer is a thin sheath, precisely shaped to cover a prepared tooth, disguising the enamel flaw. It is undetectable in the smile.

Larger chips

If the chip compromises the overall structure of the tooth, a dental crown is a good choice. This cap of strong restorative material protects the tooth from further damage. A porcelain crown looks completely natural. If initial damage has allowed infection to invade the tooth, Dr. Suri will perform root canal therapy prior to placing the crown.

Affordable care

Cost of treatment is always a concern. Sycamore Dental offers restoration choices, with quality service at competitive pricing. While every case is unique, here are estimates of per-tooth costs:

  • Bonding/filling – $100 - $400
  • Dental veneer – starting at $1,000
  • Dental crown – $700 - $1,000
  • Root canal therapy – $500 -$1,000
In addition, we offer creative financing and savings options to help you enjoy a restored smile without chipped teeth. In Ft. Worth call (817) 438-1828.

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