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Dr. Vidya Suri is a board-certified dentist treating patients of all ages in the Fort Worth, TX area. She has years of experience, a state-of-the-art office, and special training working with patients of all ages. She partners closely with her patients, working to understand your aesthetic and oral health goals and helping you decide the best course of treatment for you and your family.

Family Dental Care for a Lifetime of Oral Health

Dr. Suri believes in treating every patient like a member of the family. To that end, the Sycamore Dental office in Fort Worth, TX, is designed to make patients feel at ease from the moment they walk in the door. The friendly team offers patient-oriented care, emphasizing education and communication, ensuring you are informed and confident with your care each step of the way.

We love having patients like you - Dr. Vidya Suri, Sycamore Dental
Dr. Vidya Suri Cosmetic & Family Dentist Worth, TX

Dr. Vidya Suri Cosmetic & Family Dentist

Dr. Suri earned dental credentials from the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry. She strives to provide the best possible general and cosmetic dentistry care

Over 10 years experience

Meet Dr. Vidya Suri
Oral health begins at home, and Dr. Suri partners with young patients, helping them to establish healthy habits that can preserve their oral health for a lifetime. She offers excellent solutions for kids with a higher risk of cavities or active lifestyles. Dental sealants and custom-made mouthguards are easy, affordable options for protecting your child’s teeth from decay or other harm. Dr. Suri also specializes in a wide range of treatments for older patients, from crowns and dental bridges to implants or other restorations. Above all, she values long-term relationships with patients. Not only does it make the dental experience more pleasant, but it also allows her to get to know your smile over time, so she can tailor care to suit your specific needs and goals.

Family dental care is about establishing a meaningful partnership that can improve your overall oral health while simplifying life outside the office. Dr. Suri offers back-to-back visits, allowing you and your family to coordinate trips more efficiently to the dentist, turning several tasks into one.

Patients living in or near the Fort Worth, TX area can seek a consultation with Dr. Suri today to determine how she can help you and the whole family. To make an appointment, call Sycamore Dental at (817) 438-1828.

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