Modern technologies are exciting and fun to use, but Sycamore Dental makes this investment for one reason – to ensure the best experience possible for each patient at every visit. Dr. Suri knows that accurate diagnosis is critical to providing the most conservative treatment with long-term benefits.

Digital radiography

Digital x-rays have many advantages:

  • A fast and comfortable process.
  • Clear, accurate, high-resolution images.
  • Up to 90 percent less radiation exposure than traditional film x-rays (safe for pregnant women).
  • Results are available immediately.
  • Images can be viewed on a computer monitor, to help you understand diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
Digital radiography Digital x-rays have many advantages

Intraoral cameras

With this small, pen-sized device we can take a real-time, panoramic tour of your mouth, while together we watch on a computer screen. This gives us a look at all visible surfaces of each tooth.

Intraoral cameras

Digital imaging

Split-second images from the intraoral camera can be frozen and saved. Both those pictures and the digital x-rays provide an invaluable case history. They don’t degrade over the years, and we can look back on them at any time. These files can be secured and sent to other practitioners or to insurance companies to coordinate your care.

Digital imaging Dental Practise

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