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Healthy smiles flourish with white teeth filling treatment in Fort Worth, TX

Teeth Filling at Sycamore Dental in Fort Worth TX Area

Sycamore Dental has developed deep roots in the metroplex, because of our approach to dentistry that accounts for the “whole patient.” Dr. Vidya Suri recommends treatments or products that fit your particular needs and situation, including your lifestyle, budget, and schedule. White teeth filling in Fort Worth, TX complements our practice’s holistic approach—this treatment option fits in so well with many patients’ lives.

Brush up to quality cavity treatment

The “white” part of white tooth filling refers to “composite resin.” This dental material is made from a mix of glass or quartz particles in resin. Much of what modern dentistry does, and does so well, is rebuilding damaged tooth structure with advanced materials that are designed to look, feel, and function like natural tooth material.

Our patients love that composite resin (or white) fillings:

  • look like surrounding, healthy teeth when prepared by skilled dentists like Dr. Suri. She color matches the resin to the rest of your smile. So, it blends in perfectly.
  • don’t require much preparation at all, which makes treatment with composite an excellent choice for dentally fearful or anxious patients. A minimal amount of tooth structure is removed to accommodate the composite filling.
  • last a long time, because they are so conservative in nature—generally, the more natural tooth structure that we can keep intact, the better the result, as the dental material adheres well to the surrounding tooth. Conservative treatments also allow for the most optimal, tooth-like function, and feeling in your mouth.
  • are great value for the money—because white fillings hold up so well over time, and have a high level of patient satisfaction due to how natural they look. This treatment approach is an exceptional investment in yourself.

Additionally, some patients may have sensitivities to metals. No matter how well they brush or floss around a restoration made from metal, these patients may find the gums around that treated tooth persistently bleed or feel tender. The body may see metal alloys as a foreign invader, and respond in kind with inflammation. But composite resin fillings are not made from metals. Concerns that you or a family member may have about metal dental materials are eliminated.

A hassle-free experience, from start to finish

Cavity treatment with composite is easy and efficient. Dr. Suri uses comfortable and precise digital imaging technologies to identify the nature of your “trouble symptoms” (sensitivity to sweet or hot or cold drinks and foods) and to recommend the appropriate treatment for you from there. Alternative treatments may include inlays, onlays (partial crowns), or full-coverage crowns.

If white fillings are best for your situation, the process is a little different from straightforward bonding treatment. Any damaged areas of the natural tooth are conservatively removed. The prepared filling material is applied and bonded to the shaped, treatment site. So, the composite resin fills in the damaged area or decay. Afterward, treat your filled tooth like a natural tooth, no special tools or costly products required!

Call (817) 438-1828 to schedule your visit with Dr. Suri at the Sycamore Dental office, located in South Fort Worth, TX.

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Dr. Vidya Suri - Sycamore Dental

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A graduate from the prestigious University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry Dr. Vidya Suri is an established professional in the field of dentistry. She is well known for her focus, determination and ability to create a trusting and warm environment for her patients. Dr. Suri provides patient-centered care with treatment options that take into account the personal attributes and available financial resources.

With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Suri periodically updates herself on modern dental techniques and methods to ensure that she provides her patients with optimum general and cosmetic dental care. She believes in educating her clients on good oral care practices and takes the extra time to explain the holistic effect that good oral care has on the body as a whole.

Dr. Suri is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Texas Dental Association.