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What is a Medicaid dentist near me in Fort Worth, TX? The search for a qualified provider stops here!

It is important to establish a “dental home” for your child. Easy access to dental services gives children the best chance at a healthy start. Access to services supports healthy development during a child’s formative years and the academic performance that puts children at an advantage into adulthood. In its Healthy People 2020 report, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted access to care boils down to access to insurance, preventive visits, treatment options, and qualified providers. Sycamore Dental is proud to be your answer to the question of, “What Medicaid dentist is near me in Fort Worth, TX?”

Qualified Medicaid Dentist Near Me Fort Worth TX Area


Access to dental insurance makes a real difference. It helps to remove the financial barriers to care. So, the oral services that are necessary to keep your child smiling and healthy are not cost-prohibitive. In fact, Texas Health and Human Services report that 16.5%, 17%, and 19.6% of kindergarten-aged children with private coverage, Medicaid, and CHIP, respectively, had untreated tooth decay. These figures compare favorably to kindergarteners with no dental coverage, who experienced untreated decay at much higher rates (28.4%).

Dr. Vidya Suri is pleased to accept many different types of dental insurance, including Medicaid and CHIP, for qualifying children and young adults aged 21 and younger.

Preventive visits

Medicaid and CHIP plans generally cover preventive services. These services include fluoride treatments to strengthen enamel, prevent tooth decay, and diagnostics such as check-ups and X-rays. Routine check-ups at our office identify “hidden” problems that might otherwise go undetected because oral conditions are often “silent” or do not produce symptoms in their earliest stages. By detecting problems early, we can halt the disease or condition from progressing. Treatment of conditions in their earliest stages is generally more conservative, less invasive, faster, and less costly than treatments designed to resolve active and later-stage dental decay or periodontal disease.

Treatment options

Medicaid and CHIP plans also generally include coverage for those treatments that are deemed “medically necessary.” These treatments include dental fillings and restorations such as crowns. The ability to treat conditions like tooth decay quickly helps to get your child out of pain and back to enjoying school, sports, friends, and restful sleep. It also prevents these problems from getting worse, which can lead to serious oral infections and even the loss of a tooth.

Quality providers

Look no further than Sycamore Dental’s Dr. Vidya Suri for top-notch, kind care that accounts for all aspects of your child. Our patients are more than their teeth and gums. We are proud to account for all the factors that can keep families away from the care they need, be it fear over the dental bill or fear of the dental drill. Our care is of great value, we have many payment options, and the techniques we use are gentle.

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Dr. Vidya Suri - Sycamore Dental

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A graduate from the prestigious University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry Dr. Vidya Suri is an established professional in the field of dentistry. She is well known for her focus, determination and ability to create a trusting and warm environment for her patients. Dr. Suri provides patient-centered care with treatment options that take into account the personal attributes and available financial resources.

With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Suri periodically updates herself on modern dental techniques and methods to ensure that she provides her patients with optimum general and cosmetic dental care. She believes in educating her clients on good oral care practices and takes the extra time to explain the holistic effect that good oral care has on the body as a whole.

Dr. Suri is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Texas Dental Association.