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Dentist office in Fort Worth, TX answers your FAQS: What is a dental emergency?

Dentist Office in Fort Worth, TX Area Answers Your Faqs About What is a Dental Emergency?

The Texas Health Institute reports that the average visit to a hospital in the state for a dental emergency cost more than $1,800. We at Sycamore Dental know that our patients are more than their teeth and gums. We address the “whole person,” including their financial concerns and budget. There is no need to be charged hefty fees at the ER for care from providers who are not dental professionals and are not familiar with you and your needs. Along with her team, Dr. Vidya Suri is your answer to, “What emergency dentist office is near me in Fort Worth, TX?” And, yes, you can “be prepared,” as many dental emergencies are preventable.

So, just what is a dental emergency?

Unlike other specific conditions, such as impacted wisdom teeth, dental emergencies can mean many different things. Generally, if it is an emergency to you, it is an emergency to us. The most common reason that patients visit the ER for dental problems is a severe toothache. Toothaches can arise from untreated tooth decay, as the result of advanced periodontitis (gum disease), oral infections such as abscesses, or severe fractures. The pain associated with these oral conditions can be prevented with routine hygiene appointments, and restorative care (such as root canal therapy followed by a crown). Even the risk of dental trauma sustained during sports can be minimized with a custom-fit sports guard that protects your teeth, jaw, and oral tissues from blows to the face or falls, for instance.

My tooth hurts. What should I do?

Do not delay to call us at our main office number: (817) 438-1828. Dr. Suri accommodates patients with urgent needs during regular business hours. Since many accidents and problems arise after-hours, your call is forwarded directly to Dr. Suri’s mobile phone. Most calls are answered immediately. She will discuss next steps with you. Care such as swishing with warm salt water or using topical products like Orajel can temporarily relieve pain and reduce swelling. Generally, pain that is jarring and severe when biting down on foods, as well as pain that lingers after eating or drinking sweet, hot, or cold foods and drinks, can be indicative of serious oral infections. These infections can spread to other parts of the face and even to distant parts of the body. Systemic infections are a medical emergency and require immediate medical care. Call 911 or visit the nearest hospital if you have a fever, problems breathing and/or swallowing, and are vomiting, dizzy, and confused.

Control what you can. Do not hesitate to schedule a check-up at our office. We are proud to accept many different types of insurance, including Medicaid and CHIP. So, finances never stand in the way of the care your family needs to be healthy.   

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Dr. Vidya Suri - Sycamore Dental

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A graduate from the prestigious University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry Dr. Vidya Suri is an established professional in the field of dentistry. She is well known for her focus, determination and ability to create a trusting and warm environment for her patients. Dr. Suri provides patient-centered care with treatment options that take into account the personal attributes and available financial resources.

With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Suri periodically updates herself on modern dental techniques and methods to ensure that she provides her patients with optimum general and cosmetic dental care. She believes in educating her clients on good oral care practices and takes the extra time to explain the holistic effect that good oral care has on the body as a whole.

Dr. Suri is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Texas Dental Association.