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Why patients in Fort Worth, TX say porcelain dental veneers treatment is worth every penny

Porcelain Dental Veneers in Fort Worth TX Area

When Sycamore Dental partners with you, they consider every aspect of your life; notably, they take your budget and financial considerations seriously. So, the team is very transparent about costs and is proud to accept many different payment options and types of insurance, including Medicaid and CHIP. Dr. Vidya Suri also encourages patients to consider the value of getting quality porcelain dental veneers at her office in Fort Worth TX.

When Dr. Suri refers to “value,” what does she mean?

Generally, it is never a good idea to buy a product or service on cost alone. Dr. Suri is known to provide affordable dental treatments, without cutting corners on dental materials and techniques. Veneers that are well worth the cost upfront are those that are durable, resistant to the usual wear and tear from daily function (and to staining from foods and drinks), and they look like natural tooth enamel. These qualities add up to veneered teeth that last for years or even a decade or longer with proper care. Remember: Each veneer still covers up your natural tooth. Natural teeth remain vulnerable to decay. While veneers are low maintenance, that doesn’t mean they are “no maintenance.” You will still want to practice great home care, consistent brushing with a nonabrasive toothpaste, daily flossing, and regular visits to Sycamore Dental. So, Dr. Suri can examine your teeth and gums and make sure your mouth is healthy, and so Registered Dental Assistant Rachel can use her professional tools and techniques to remove the bacteria and hardened plaque that are missed by your brush and floss.

To get the most out of your veneers, it is important to consider all of the habits that can shorten their lifespan well before you undergo treatment. Dr. Suri discusses and addresses threats to the long, healthy life of your veneers during a consultation. Veneers are vulnerable to premature breakage and other damage due to behaviors such as:

  • Using your teeth as scissors or other tools; for instance, to rip open packages
  • Chronic fingernail-biting
  • Bruxism, which refers to grinding and clenching your teeth, usually when you sleep but also subconsciously when concentrating or when under stress
  • Regularly chewing ice or other hard and sticky food and objects

Your consultation is also about providing alternatives to each treatment that you may be considering. That way you have the full picture and can determine the alternative that is best for your situation, including your budget. During this visit, Dr. Suri may discuss the option of placing composite resin veneers. As a “direct” veneer, she applies the resin to your natural tooth enamel and expertly shapes it to cover up gaps, stubborn discoloration, chips, or other flaws as needed. Unlike porcelain or “indirect” veneers, they are not made in a lab and don’t require the removal of a small amount of natural enamel to make room for the veneer and to assure the dental ceramic is seated snugly and naturally at the gumline.

While patients may be attracted to composite resin bonding as a conservative, fast, and affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, it is important to understand the limitations of this direct approach. Since resin is porous, it doesn’t resist stains the way that lifelike porcelain does and, likewise, the results from bonding treatment don’t last as long as the results from the indirect or lab-made veneers procedure. Resin is simply not as durable a material as porcelain.

Sycamore Dental wants you to be comfortable with veneers treatment in every way possible, including how it relates to your financial situation. Call (817) 438-1828 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Suri at the Fort Worth, TX office. She will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment option, as well as your payment and financing options.

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Dr. Vidya Suri - Sycamore Dental

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A graduate from the prestigious University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry Dr. Vidya Suri is an established professional in the field of dentistry. She is well known for her focus, determination and ability to create a trusting and warm environment for her patients. Dr. Suri provides patient-centered care with treatment options that take into account the personal attributes and available financial resources.

With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Suri periodically updates herself on modern dental techniques and methods to ensure that she provides her patients with optimum general and cosmetic dental care. She believes in educating her clients on good oral care practices and takes the extra time to explain the holistic effect that good oral care has on the body as a whole.

Dr. Suri is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Texas Dental Association.